Aru's Features

Basic Commands:

NameHow toDescription
In-chat Helparu!help

Quick-list of commands, in case you can't be arsed to open Chrome.

About mearu!about

A bit more about me, Aru.

Invite and other linksaru!invite

Links to the invite, the support server and the Patreon page.


A bunch of stats about the bot.


Check how fast Aru is responding.

Music Commands:

NameHow toDescription
Play Music from YouTubearu!play {music}

Join your VC and plays music. It'll search YouTube and show search results beforehand.

Play Music from Soundcloudaru!play sc {music}

Instead of searching YouTube, I'll show search results from Soundcloud instead!

Music Queuearu!queue

Listens the queue of music to be played.

Skip to the next Musicaru!skip

Some songs can get really annoying, so let's skip them.

Pause the Musicaru!pause

Time to eat! or maybe a 5-minute break to bathroom!

Resume the Musicaru!resume

The break is over, let's get back to smooth music.

Now Playingaru!nowplaying

What music is playing right now? I need to save it on my playlist!

Fun Commands:

NameHow toDescription
Rolls a dicearu!dice {dice notation}

Rolls a dice, which needs to be written in dice notation. Click here to learn more about dice notation.

Flip a coinaru!flip

Have some fun, flip a coin.

Choose between...aru!choose {option 1, option 2, ...}

Decisions are though, huh? Let me choose between the options for you.

Rate Waifuaru!ratewaifu {waifu}

Rates the specified waifu.